– Rigby Cutter: How to Disassemble

Model D Rigby Strip Cutter

Model D Rigby Strip Cutter

I have had many of you ask how to change blades or disassemble on a Rigby cutter for cleaning. Here are the short disassembly instructions for doing so. If you have a Model H – there is only one blade; if you have a Model D, there are two blades. The instructions are the same.

1. Remove the Rigby from the table (if it is clamped down.)

2. Turn it upside down and take off the thumbscrew that you see at the end of the cutter blade(s).

3. Completely loosen the red T-knob at the top side which holds the cutting wheel down against the cutter blade(s) (don’t take it off though.) That will open hole so the cutter blade(s) have room to drop down and be removed.

4. Now pull the handle out (the handle shaft runs through the holes in the cutting blades.) The blades should drop down and come out now.

5. Replace the blade(s) in to the hole (note where the little notches are and line them up) then run the handle back through the center of the blade(s), aligning the notch on the shaft with the notch in the blade(s).

6. Screw on the thumbscrew to hold the handle and blade(s) in place.

7. Clamp the cutter to your table. Now you can crank the T-knob back down to adjust for your fabric thickness.

I wish I had pictures to show you – it would make more sense. If you just do one step at a time, you’ll get it right. If you need to order new blades or cleaning fingers, you’ll find them at Halycon Yarn

Rigby rug hooking fabric cutter - cutting blade

Rigby - Cutter Blade

Rigby Cutter - Cleaning Finger

Rigby Cutter - Cleaning Finger


21 thoughts on “– Rigby Cutter: How to Disassemble

  1. Good information, thanks. i do have a question. I purchased a Rigby cutting machine, and the only model # I could find was RB-1 on side of cutting blade. It has a blade on it and it is 1/2″. Can I put other size blades in? Thanks again!


    • Barbara
      I think you might have a cutter intended for braided rug making. I suggest you go to HalcyonYarn.com here:
      and see if you find the model you own. Give them a call and see if the individual cutter heads for rug hooking will fit the model you have. I know models C and H are for cutting wool strips for rug hooking, but I think Model B (if that is what you have) is for cutting wool for braiding rugs. If you bought the cutter used, and it is an older machine, the markings on the blades and the machine might be different than they use now. I am sure Halcyon could help you sort it out.



    • Hi Betty
      Thanks for visiting my blog. If it doesn’t cut well even though the tension is tight, then you will need a new cutter head. Or, if you can find someone who sharpens them, you could try that. I am unsure who sells the Ridgeway cutters, or if you can still buy them. Anybody know? I would look for a new cutter head, maybe on ebay? I Googled it, but came up empty. If you belong to a hooking group, ask around there, too. Sorry I am not more help; just don’t hear much about the Ridgeway cutters.


  2. Hello: I too have a used Rigby Model B, and am wondering what size a #3 blade cuts, this is a new hobby for me, and I’m finding this confusing. Love you blog, Thanks much Wendy


  3. In your response to Barbara you say a C and H are for rug hooking … the D and H are for rug hooking not the C … I think the C is another one for braiding … the D is the Double blade and H single blade for rug hooking. Just to clarify things.


    • Holly – yes, of course! You are right. I have a model D Rigby with a double blade. Sorry for my typing mistake and thanks for correcting it! I think C is for braiding strips.


  4. Can you tell me the value of a rigby cutter , good condition, with three blades and fingers? #8′,7,6 .Would like to sell it! Thanks


    • Hi Carol
      I have seen Rigby cutters go for $150 and higher on eBay, even in very bad condition. Go to eBay and search ‘Rigby cutter’ and select ‘completed’ as the auction type to see what has sold recently and for how much – the prices will show in green. Prices in red are those that were listed but did not sell. Perhaps someone in one of the Facebook rug hooking groups would be interested . . . mention it here in this group on Facebook – Out of Hand Rug Hookers. Someone is always looking for a good, used cutter.


  5. Hi
    I know you posted this several years ago. I just recently bought a rigby on ebay. It cuts very well except I want to install a #6 blade. My model is older than the one pictured above. I follow along with the instructions but find I have no way to remove the handle. There is only what appears a little hole as if an allens wrench could fit in it but the hole is completely circular. Does the handle come off with a narrow fine screwdriver inserted into the blade itself????? I don’t want to force this if I am wrong.
    Help, please!


    • Hi Pam
      There are notches that fit the handle into the holes in the blades. You might have to fiddle with the handle (turn it a bit and pull as you go around) to get it to come out. When the notches line up, the handle will slide out. Then you can remove the cutter heads and install new ones. Do the same thing to fit the handle into the notched slots in the blades, line it up, push it in through the hole of the blade and secure it. Give it another try. If it’s not sliding out, its not lined up.


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