sunflower hooked rug

New rug hooking patterns available

Okay – 100 lashes with a wet wool strip (or a noodle if you prefer.) I have again been a bad blogger . . . I just don’t get here, between all the other social media, my web site and Etsy shops, plus working an outside job – yeah, blah, blah, blah, I know. Anyway – here I am with just a little news about rug hooking patterns. I have updated my site with the celebration rug patterns I have been hooking for Create and Decorate magazine, as well as a new Hook-a-Month cupcake hooked rugproject for fall. So, if you are so inclined, check out the latest at my site. The cupcake rug, Happy Day, was my favorite to hook,

and I can’t wait to get going on the new Hook-a-Month pattern, Sunflower, adapted after the antique rug below:

sunflower hooked rug

I also have a custom offer for you needle punchers that I explained in my latest newsletter. What? You aren’t subscribed? Well you are missing out on news, sales, and announcements that you just might want to hear (since I don’t seem to update you very often here at the blog.) Sign up here – it’s free and easy! If you missed the latest newsletter, and you want to know about this offer, comment below with your email and I’ll send you a copy.

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‘Til next time (whenever that might be . . .)



Hooking Gifts in a Poor Economy

It’s coming, like it or not! I am talking about the season of giving gifts. You look at the stack of bills and straight into the empty bottom of your wallet, and wonder “how am I going to pull this off again this year?” The economy and job market hasn’t gotten a lot better over the last year and it remains difficult for so many people to stay on top of bills

Yep, it's coming fast!

and finances, and have any funds left over for hobbies or fun. Luckily for us, thrift store wool and a little linen can keep us hooking if it comes down to that! But think of how much money you can save by creating holiday gifts yourself — and the joy it would bring to a friend to receive them! A stack of hooked mug mats tied up with pretty ribbons would melt my heart, for sure! To receive an actual rug created by a special family member just for me would make me feel so special. I know the retailers want us to buy, buy, buy throughout November and December (and I know we still will do that) but we can save on those post-holiday bills a little by giving rug hooked gifts to a few very special folks this year. I received and order for my Barn Star Mug Mat kit this week with a note from the customer saying, “please send this order asap – I want to get these hooked for a Christmas gift.” It got me wondering how many rug hookers give special, hand-hooked presents every year? Think about that . . .

I am presenting a new series of designs in Create and Decorate this coming year called Celebration Rugs. The designs are for rugs that you would give as special gifts to mark an occasion, like a wedding, a special birthday, or a housewarming. The first design will appear in the January/February issue – it’s a Wedding Rug. At any given wedding, how many of the couples’ closest guests might be rug hookers? Not many right? Probably only one – you! So how special would it be for that couple to receive a gift that would last all the years they are married? You couldn’t say that about the old standby gifts, like a toaster, or roasting pan, or even sheets. Our craft is one that is sustainable and one that creates finished products that are intended to last several lifetimes. That in itself is a gift.

Have you created gift rugs in the past? Will you give one this holiday season? Tell me about it!

Happy Fall Hooking, my friends! Stay warm, stay well, and hook on . . . .


Woot! Web site Re-design Finally Done!

More news people!! I finally have my pretty, new re-designed web site online! Yay!! It was a long and grueling process, but I finally finished it today. Still tweaking here and there, but it’s mostly done. The great news for all of you is that I have lowered many of my prices (we all feel the pinch, right?)

I am closing out the cotton punch needle threads, so you can get great deals by the bagful while they last.

And there are tons of downloadable tutorials for both rug hooking and punch needle. Lots of helpful information for beginners, too.

Also, don’t miss the free punch needle pattern of mine from Weeks Dye Works!

That’s just the beginning . . . stay tuned for the Grand Re-Design Celebratory Opening! More good deals and fun things in store! Whew!

I’d love to know what you think about the new design – is it easier to find things?

I’ll be back soon with details about the Grand Opening . . .  I just announced the winner of the free red dot pattern and 1/4 yard of overdyed wool on my Facebook Page. If you haven’t visited there (or LIKED me there) come on over. I have been giving away a free pattern every month to my Facebook Fans. Get in on that!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend everyone! As always, pray for our troops and never forget 9/11!


New Hook-a-Month Design for Fall 2011

Folk ‘n’ Fiber is ready to start taking orders for the Fall 2011 Hook-a-Month kits. Limited kits are available. When they are gone, they are gone, so sign up now to reserve your kit! I was lucky enough to find two antique hooked rugs that I really liked. I adapted the Hook-a-Month design to include elements from each one. I hope you love it as much as I do! So primtive and visually appealing.

Similar to the quilters’ block-of-the-month projects, this kit will come to you in six monthly shipments from Sept, 2011 to Feb.2012. If you order a kit with cut wool, you will receive cuts in #8 and #9, depending on the area of hooking.

Original Rugs Circa: late 1800s-early 1900s    Origin: unknown


Hook-a-Month Design ~ Star Birds 32 x 14

Hook-a-Month adaptation

Project Options & Info:

  • If you pay monthly, you pay for the monthly shipment plus shipping charges ($6.00/month) before each shipping date. I will bill your credit card before each shipment.
  • Due to the amount of coordination and paperwork needed for this offer, payments must be made by credit card or PayPal.
  • If you need more information, please email or call me. I hope to begin sending out the first shipments at the middle of September. Kit availability is limited, so be sure order now to reserve your kit.

One-Time Payment with Free Shipping ~ Save $36.00

  • Pattern and uncut wool = $220.00
  • Pattern and cut wool = $292.00

Monthly Payments

  • First payment when you order your kit (Sept.); I will bill your credit card monthly Oct-Feb.
  • Total for Pattern and Uncut Wool: $220.00 + $36.00 shipping = $256.00
  • Total for Pattern and Cut Wool: $292.00 + $36.00 shipping = $328.00
  • PAYMENTS FOR UNCUT: Month 1: $ 96.83; Months 2-6: $31.83/month (includes shipping)
  • PAYMENTS FOR CUT: Month 1: $108.85; Months 2-6: $43.83/month (includes shipping)

Shipping Schedule:

  • Sept 2011: Wool shipment #1
  • Oct 2011: Wool shipment #2
  • Nov 2011: Wool shipment #3
  • Dec 2011: Wool shipment #4
  • Jan 2011: Wool shipment #5
  • Feb 2011: Wool shipment #6

Hook the Summer Away . . .

Do you hook in the summer? It’s a busy time for everyone, and finding time to plan a rug and prep all the wool usually puts rug hooking on the back burner. That’s why I decided to offer a smaller Hook-a-Month rug for the summer months. You don’t have to worry about a thing. I send you the pattern and part of the wool in your first shipment, and then once a month, you get a shipment of more wool to continue the design. The summer project starts in the beginning of July and runs for just 4 months instead of 5 or 6, as usual. You just sit back and hook — while I do all the work for you. You don’t even have to find a place to store all the wool because it’s coming to you in installments.

This is another limited edition pattern, adapted from an antique rug. All the info is on my site, but here is a taste and feel for what it’s about . . . I hope you will join in so we can compare rugs when the project is over, and even during the hooking process. It’s fun to hook the same pattern with a group . . . even if you don’t meet with a group locally, you can share with the Hook-a-Month group right here!

The Old Pomegranate Tree

What a wonderfully naïve and primitive rug this one is . . . I adapted it for a light background.
The grey will be a taupe/grey texture to coordinate with the light taupe textured background. The design elements will contain a mixture of soft primitive colors in textured wool and mottled, overdyed solids. This is going to be spectacular! I will be hooking right along with you all!
The old rug:

My sketch for the Hook-a-Month rug:

The dull, flat colors in the sketch just give you a general idea of the color plan, so I created a swatch card so you can also see the wools that are planned for this kit:

That’s  a small pic – but gives you an idea and you can see it larger, along with all the information and more at my web site where you can reserve your kit and join the group! Just go to Rug Hooking/Hook-a-Month from the top nav bar. There are a limited number of these kits up for grabs and when they are gone, that’s the end. It will be helpful to know how many of you would like the kits, so I can get the correct amount of wool ordered and kits ready to go . . . I can’t wait to start hooking this one! I hope you love it, too.

What are you working on right now? Would you like to share photos and comments with other rug hookers about projects, supplies, camps, etc? Come over to and feel free to comment, post pics, ask questions — it’s a great sharing group.

Thanks for visiting today . . . Happy Summer!


Red Dot Tracer Pattern – the Winner Is . . .

Doris Taylor!! Congrats to Doris! We need to email and get your pattern chosen so I can pop it in the mail to you!!

Thanks to everyone for entering . . . remember I do offer patterns on Red Dot at my web site (only some of them right now.) I will be adding that option to many more in the coming weeks. If you see a pattern you would like to have on Red Dot but it’s not available as an option, just email me — it’s not a problem. I think it’s a better choice and value to have it on Red Dot than on paper. If the Paper Pattern is offered, it can be purchased on Red Dot – just let me know!

Hook On, my dear friends – Spring Is Here! (I know this because the squirrels ate all of the tulips that were blooming in my yard! All they left me were the stems! :*}


Hook-a-Month Project for Winter 2011

Have you been waiting for this? Apparently many of you have because I have received quite a few emails asking when, when? Well, the answer is NOW! It’s ready . . . I had fun adapting this design from an antique tramp art wall plaque. I looked hard for an old rug that I loved, but really didn’t find one I wanted to use for the adaptation. I love and admire tramp art carvings and this one is probably one of the most intricate I have ever seen. It is phenomenal. So a new rug design was born from its inspiration. I hope you like it and want to hook it.

You can read all about the project and reserve a kit here. Here is the design and the tramp art plaque, too.













Love to hear your comments about this one. It’s a departure for this on-going type of project, which has always been adapted from an antique rug, so I am curious about your thoughts.

Stay warm, my dears.  Keep a pile of wool in your lap and a smile on your face — Spring is coming!