News! All Good . . .

Hi there kids! It’s been a while – again. I guess I am just resigned to be a bad blogger unless I have some important stuff to share. So here it is!

The new Hook-a-Month project is all ready – several of the limited kits have been spoken for, so if you are interested in reserving one for yourself, I would say hurry! I really like this old rug, and have created an adaptation that I am sure will appeal to all you primitive lovers. The rug measures 25 x 25 inches and the first installment of the project will ship out in late April. We are busy overdyeing woolies and I am awaiting a new shipment of primitive linen.

Hook-a-Month Spring 2015, Prim Starburst

What else you ask? Well, we all know that we don’t have the least expensive hobby, and I have had lots of new visitors tell me, “I love your patterns!” and “I wish I could buy more.” So, I have added, for a limited time, some bundle options for you. If you buy 3 patterns, you can get a bundle price, and I will throw in a free fat quarter of wool to boot. There are three bundle tiers based on the size of the patterns. You can’t mix the sizes or the pricing doesn’t work, but you can save a bunch of cash buying this way. You will find the details and pricing here. Almost all of my designs are available this way – there are a few exceptions and they are marked on the web pages. The only quirk to it all is my shopping cart – you will have to indicate the patterns you want in the Message box of the cart, when you select the appropriate bundle based on the size of the patterns.

I hope this is helpful to new hookers looking to build a stash of designs to work on, as well as my old hooking friends who just need more, more, more! Here is one of my favorites! If you have any questions at all (it can get a bit confusing, I guess) just comment here or email me –I am always happy to help!
Welcome Spring Runner

And lastly, I just wanted to share with you that I will be publishing new designs with the great new magazine that is coming out in May – Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher! Check it out – I think it is going to be spectacular. We were so sorry to see Create & Decorate go away, but I think this will fill the void really well.

Hook on – it’s Spring!!


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