New Hook-a-Month Project for Fall Is Now Available!

ImageAntique Adaptation Hooked Rug – Rooster-Vane

This project is a reproduction of an antique rug that I love for its simplicity and age.  After polling several past Hook-a-Month participants, this rug was an overwhelming favorite. The name came from me, because it reminds me of an antique weathervane. Wool colors will be replicated as closely as possible to those in the original faded rug. Pattern will come on primitive linen along with your first month’s wool shipment. There are a limited number of kits, as usual, so if you want to participate in this project, don’t hesitate to order early! First shipments of pattern and wool will go out in October.

They have been selling fast. There are a limited number of kits available – only three are left, so if you want one, hurry and get your order in. There are payment options available. Get all the details at my web site!

I am excited to hook this one myself! My dear friend and rug hooking pal, Jo Ellen from, will be overdyeing all the wonderful faded wool colors for these kits. We are trying to keep the colors old and faded to mimic the awesomeness of the old rug. As soon as all the kits are sold, the wool will be ordered and the overdyeing will begin . . . oooohhhh, I am getting so excited to start this one!!

Thank you to all my past Hook-a-Month participants who helped me choose this pattern design — it was a close call, but the Rooster-vane won out in the end. We all love it!!

What are all of you hooking right now? I don’t get to this blog very often but when I do, I love to hear from all of you!! Share, please?

Happy Hookin’!!



2 thoughts on “New Hook-a-Month Project for Fall Is Now Available!

  1. I went back to the flickr link & see that it was needle punched. I’m not going to venture there, but I plan to gather supplies for my first rug and have been researching what colors, material, and pattern to use. I have found some of the wool colors that I’ve been looking for at Lacy Jane Prims. Excited!


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