Grand Re-Opening, Re-designed & Ready for Prime Time


Lauri Troutman for Rug Hooking & Susie Vohlken for Punch Needle!! Congratulations ladies! I have emailed each of you privately.

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments regarding my newly re-designed web site. A few of you took me to heart and shared a couple of things that you didn’t like very much – I appreciate that, and I made some changes per your suggestions. Overall, your comments were very positive and I thank you all for your input. I am only sorry that you could not ALL win. You can however, get into the giveaway action at my Facebook Page every month. If you have not LIKED my FB Page, you’ll find me here.

Remember everyone – I am offering  free shipping on any order from anyone who entered but did not win – through the end of September (I can’t offer free shipping on Frames because those are drop-shipped from the manufacturer in Texas directly to you.) When you place an order between September 20 and September 30, just enter FREESHIP in the coupon box when you check out. You all win!!



Done! What a lovely word . . . I thought I’d never get there. If you haven’t visited my web site recently, you’ll be surprised at the new look and organization. I completely re-designed the site, making it more relevant, easier to navigate, and all around prettier. It has been growing and growing over the years, and like anything that grows, it has a tendency to take on a life of its own – out of control and sort of all over the place (like the weeds in my gardens – which have not gotten the attention that the web site has!) Anyway, stop over and take a look.

So, after all that work and thought (taxing at my age,) it’s finally time to celebrate with a

Grand Re-Opening of the redesigned site!!

First – a big old giveaway! I have put together two giveaway packages – one for rug hooking and one for punch needle, that will be awarded to two lucky, randomly drawn winners on September 20th – one week from today. You do have to work a little bit to get yourself in the running . . . go to Folk ‘n’ Fiber and send me a comment via my Contact page, telling me what you like best about the new web site (if you have a “what I like the least” comment, I am happy to hear those as well.) Tell me if you are a rug hooker or punch needler, so I know which package you’d like to win. That’s all . . . so what does the winner get?

Rug Hooking

  1. A pattern of your choice, on red dot tracer, from this page of my web site: Seasonal Designs (Halloween & Christmas are approaching fast – but you still have time to hook something special for those seasons!)
  2. One yard of red dot tracer fabric – for easy transfer of a future project or two to your favorite backing.
  3. An eco-friendly zippered project bag – measures 15″ x 15.5″ x 8″ – that’s plenty of room for carrying tools, supplies, wool and projects to guild meetings, camps and workshops! Hard flat bottom to support your cutter and all your essentials.
  4. 30 yards of 3-ply 100% wool Paternayan binding yarn in Mustard
  5. A copy of the book Folk Art Friends by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson – rug hooking and quilting projects, including patterns
  6. Plus some little goodies that I will throw in at the end (surprises are fun!)

Punch Needle

  1. A pattern of your choice, on weavers cloth, from this page of my web site: Seasonal Designs (see above – haha!)
  2. Snip-Eze threads snips
  3. Square tin pin back frame by Twisted Threads to create a pin from your punch needle creation
  4. My tile topped punch needle storage box
  5. A thread assortment (it’s fun to play!) including DMC cotton, Gentle Arts wool, and Old Willow silk threads
  6. Plus some little goodies that I will throw in at the end (yes, punch needle surprises are fun, too!)

And, if you don’t win – you still win. I will offer free shipping on any order from anyone who enters and does not win – through the end of September (I can’t offer free shipping on Frames because those are drop-shipped from the manufacturer in Texas directly to you.) When you place an order between September 20 and September 30, just enter FREESHIP in the coupon box when you check out. See? I really love you all!

Okay – don’t delay! This is a short window to get entered, so do it now! I want you to all have your names in the drawing! I will announce the winners of the give away packages here at the blog on Oct 1, as well as on Facebook! You can’t win if you don’t enter. Why are you still here? GO!


PS – I hate to have to mention this, but, it seems I am having intermittent PayPal problems with my cart since the re-design. If you place an order and can’t get it through PayPal, PLEASE email and let me know and I can help you. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for an order via PayPal! I am trying to get this figured out, but in the meantime, please don’t give up if you have trouble. Just email me and I can fix it! Thanks!


17 thoughts on “Grand Re-Opening, Re-designed & Ready for Prime Time

  1. I love your new design it is much more organized and grouped so things are eadier to follow. I am a rug hooker and love the red background choice you picked. the 20th is my birthday hoping for a great surprise!


  2. I love the new website because it is eye catching and so easy to maneuver! It is very informative and I love the links to other websites of interest as well! I am a rug hooker as well as a punch needle person!
    Good Luck with the new website!


  3. I just looked at your new site I liked the way you seperated the rugs. I do have a questions for you I ordered 2 beeline cutter stands recently but when I got them they looked diffeent then your picture they work just curious.


    • Hi Trudy
      I have emailed Beecreek/K’s Creations to ask if they have redesigned the stands — when I hear back from them, I will email you to let you know why they appear different than the one I picture on my site. I was not aware of any changes, so stay tuned. Happy to hear that they work well with your Beeline cutter! Thanks. ~Sally~


  4. Well, it’s difficult to say what’s REALLY special about the new design, but I do like your Web Friends list on your left sidebar. I’m always looking for new blogs of those who might have common interests such as rug hooking and/or needle punch. Maybe that’s not a new feature, but it certainly is a positive for me. I both rug hook and needle punch, but if you’d enter me in the rug hooking giveaway, that would be dandy. Cheers!


    • Annie – I hope you checked out the web site too! Go to Let me know how I can help you! Thanks for visiting my blog, and sorry I didn’t notice earlier that your comment referred just to the blog (which made me think perhaps you missed the link to my web site.) Have a great weekend!


  5. I love the website. The colors really draw your attention and want you to look further at the site. I love that all the links to other pages on your site are right across the top. Easy to find and love the drop down menus.


  6. First of all, I adore the more folk art look of your website!
    Also, the page is much cleaner looking and more easily
    navigated…You did a great job. I am a rug hooker.
    Many thanks, Cindi


  7. Great job! Don’t know how you do it–re-designing web pages is time-consuming, and takes some skill..not to mention the shop, the patterns and writing, and everything. I want to do rug-hooking, as soon as we get done with remodel, when my budget allows. I love the rugs and the new site..esp. I can click on the ‘geometric’, ‘antique’, ‘original’, etc. And the tools and frames, all easier to navigate and thanks!!!


  8. I would love to win your giveaway as I am new to rug hooking and do not yet have much in the way of supplies. I visit your site often for ideas, hints, and soooo many links I could just sit here all day surfing thru so much cool stuff! – but well – I would also rather be hooking! Thank you for putting this offer out there , an awesome chance for us newbies. I am a fan of primitive work but look forward to learning all that is out there in the wooly world of rug hooking! Patti


  9. You have so much to see.I will be back to look more often. I am a rug hooker and love to see whats new. Really like all your favorite links.I will be sure to check them out!
    Thanks, Donna


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