Hook the Summer Away . . .

Do you hook in the summer? It’s a busy time for everyone, and finding time to plan a rug and prep all the wool usually puts rug hooking on the back burner. That’s why I decided to offer a smaller Hook-a-Month rug for the summer months. You don’t have to worry about a thing. I send you the pattern and part of the wool in your first shipment, and then once a month, you get a shipment of more wool to continue the design. The summer project starts in the beginning of July and runs for just 4 months instead of 5 or 6, as usual. You just sit back and hook — while I do all the work for you. You don’t even have to find a place to store all the wool because it’s coming to you in installments.

This is another limited edition pattern, adapted from an antique rug. All the info is on my site, but here is a taste and feel for what it’s about . . . I hope you will join in so we can compare rugs when the project is over, and even during the hooking process. It’s fun to hook the same pattern with a group . . . even if you don’t meet with a group locally, you can share with the Hook-a-Month group right here!

The Old Pomegranate Tree

What a wonderfully naïve and primitive rug this one is . . . I adapted it for a light background.
The grey will be a taupe/grey texture to coordinate with the light taupe textured background. The design elements will contain a mixture of soft primitive colors in textured wool and mottled, overdyed solids. This is going to be spectacular! I will be hooking right along with you all!
The old rug:

My sketch for the Hook-a-Month rug:

The dull, flat colors in the sketch just give you a general idea of the color plan, so I created a swatch card so you can also see the wools that are planned for this kit:

That’s  a small pic – but gives you an idea and you can see it larger, along with all the information and more at my web site where you can reserve your kit and join the group! Just go to Rug Hooking/Hook-a-Month from the top nav bar. There are a limited number of these kits up for grabs and when they are gone, that’s the end. It will be helpful to know how many of you would like the kits, so I can get the correct amount of wool ordered and kits ready to go . . . I can’t wait to start hooking this one! I hope you love it, too.

What are you working on right now? Would you like to share photos and comments with other rug hookers about projects, supplies, camps, etc? Come over to www.Facebook.com/FolknFiber and feel free to comment, post pics, ask questions — it’s a great sharing group.

Thanks for visiting today . . . Happy Summer!



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