Do You Overdye? Marry or Stew?

Those of you who are already overdyeing your wool for rug hooking can just skip this post if you like.

I have been getting so many emails from new rug hookers who want to use the recycled wool they’ve collected from thrift shops but the colors aren’t quite right, and emails from rug hookers who have not tried overdyeing and are not sure how to go about it. Intimidation seems to be a factor that holds them back from getting started – it seems complicated and they don’t want to ruin their wool. I totally understand – I remember being afraid to try overdyeing, too, so I started collecting wool from Goodwill to recycled for my rugs, but when I pulled it out, the colors were wrong or didn’t go well together.

So to that end, I decided to create a webinar of sorts that explains a whole lot about the process and walks you through it step-by-step. It’s a Power Point presentation with audio, which lasts about a half hour. Believe me, it took a whole lot longer than that to create it — it seems old dogs really can learn new tricks!

I am offering it here first to my blog readers. My long-term plan is to add different modules and create a series of How-To presentations that will be helpful to new rug hookers, or to those who want to expand beyond what they are currently doing. At this point, I sure could use some feedback. So if you would be so kind, have a look and leave a comment to let me know what you think.  That feedback will give me a direction for producing the next module (or not.) I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find it useful.

Here goes . . .


9 thoughts on “Do You Overdye? Marry or Stew?

  1. Sally ~
    This is just what I need! Maybe if I try this, I’ll get the nerve to try overdyeing. I’ve purchased some dyeing supplies but have not yet tried it.
    Hopefully soon I can find a half hour to watch the webinar. Work (though I am so thankful to have a job!!!) really cuts in to my “me time”.
    Hugs 🙂


    • Lauren
      I’m glad this might give you the info you need to take the plunge. It’s really alot like cooking and following a recipe. And the more you do it, the more comfortable you get with it. Once you see that beautiful wool, it’s hard not to want to do it again. If it helps with time, the first 7 minutes or so of the presentation, I talk about preparing recycled wool for overdyeing, so you could probably skip to slide 7 (just click through) and start listening from there. Thanks for your comment!



    • Okay, I should have known — you and I are knit from the same yarn. Let me put it this way . . . I am NOT a cook, but I love to overdye because it’s like simple cooking but you don’t have to eat it when you’re done. Or, try it – you’ll like it! It’s really easy.


  2. Thanks for letting me know what you think of the presentation. If you have suggestions for improving (make it shorter, more/less details, etc.) feel free to let me know so I can incorporate them into additional segments of the series. Get picky and detailed – that will help me! I am happy you all seemed to get something of value from this segment.



    • Well thank you! I am happy that you found me here, too. And I’m glad if the info here has helped you along your rug hooking journey. Come back often and join us at Facebook!



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