We Did It! New Wool Street Journal web site

For the past several weeks, I have been working with Bonnie Smith at The Wool Street Journal, to redesign their web site for the magazine. It’s finished and we are both very proud of the new look and functionality of the design. I hope you’ll pop over there to take a look – you can even get a peek at each new issue via our flip book; just click the cover!

If you have a blog or a web site and would be so kind, Bonnie would love it if you added her link to your site. Spread the love of primitive rug hooking. If you would like me to add yours to this blog, just let me know!

Feel free to post your comments here – let us know how you like the new web site at The Wool Street Journal.

I am off this machine for the rest of the day . . . my new design for Create and Decorate is waiting to be created. It’s still in my head . . . now where’s my drawing pad??

For the love of hooking,



3 thoughts on “We Did It! New Wool Street Journal web site

  1. Hi, Sally!
    I wondered if you could write me about a newbie question that I have? 🙂 I did some punch needle last year a little bit but would like to get into rug hooking (and love the folk-art style). I looked at the magazine you said you were working on and it looks great! I’m going to order the new issue and a couple of back issues too. I won’t ask my ‘dumb’ questions here right now but would love to hear from you if you have a minute-thank you so much, hugs,


  2. Your abilities to create and be a technical queen leaves me dizzy!!
    Love, love, love our website!
    There are so many things that you added that we never had before and didn’t even know all that existed! I am still finding things…. its like little presents….
    What did I do to deserve finding you!!??


    • ha-ha Bonnie – you make me giggle. I am your typical Type A, I guess. Always looking for that next challenge to conquer (or try to.) I am happy that you are happy with your web site makeover! It was fun for me to do (right up my ever-lovin’ rug hooking alley) and you got just what you wanted (I think!) So it’s all good. Just keep bein’ you, my dear – we all love you and The Wool Street Journal!



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