Hook-a-Month Project for Winter 2011

Have you been waiting for this? Apparently many of you have because I have received quite a few emails asking when, when? Well, the answer is NOW! It’s ready . . . I had fun adapting this design from an antique tramp art wall plaque. I looked hard for an old rug that I loved, but really didn’t find one I wanted to use for the adaptation. I love and admire tramp art carvings and this one is probably one of the most intricate I have ever seen. It is phenomenal. So a new rug design was born from its inspiration. I hope you like it and want to hook it.

You can read all about the project and reserve a kit here. Here is the design and the tramp art plaque, too.













Love to hear your comments about this one. It’s a departure for this on-going type of project, which has always been adapted from an antique rug, so I am curious about your thoughts.

Stay warm, my dears.  Keep a pile of wool in your lap and a smile on your face — Spring is coming!



5 thoughts on “Hook-a-Month Project for Winter 2011

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    • Hi Alice — I will often put the patterns from the Hook-a-Month on my site after the project has been completed by the participating rug hookers. You can check my Patterns page in August and if you don’t see it, shoot me an email to remind me. Thanks!


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