Speaking of Old . . .

That word, old, is creeping in a lot lately around here. I have a big birthday coming up in February (no, I won’t tell you which one.) So I have been giving a lot of thought lately about growing old and reminiscing about the old days, too. Things were so much slower and relaxing back then. We didn’t use and rely on computers to do so much of our work (or play, for that matter.) You could always find pencils and paper – someone always needed to write a note – no email. If you wanted to go shopping, you had to get in your car and drive somewhere – no online stores. Go to the movies? Back in the car, drive to the theater (or better, the drive-in) and get a ticket – no Netflix or streaming video.  Okay, so far that doesn’t sound more relaxing or slower does it? But it really felt that way. What we don’t have as much now as we did then is the personal interaction – that face-to-face, talking to each other. I think we need more of that these days. Don’t get me wrong, I do my share of Twittering and Facebooking etc. and I love it. My computer holds my business in its guts and it is convenient not to have all that paper everywhere, but it can be scary as well. I am, and have been for a long time, pretty tech saavy. I am just reflecting on some of the changes I’ve seen as the years passed by. If you ‘remember when’ – tell me what you miss the most about the good old days!

I am happy that I make part of my living keeping an old, traditional craft alive though. Rug hooking has a great history and I adore the old rugs that I see.  As an antiques dealer, I have seen quite a few beautiful old rugs and wondered about their makers and their lives. I bet they had some of the same thoughts of how their world was changing – automobiles, telephones, television. All those things that even us ‘new’ old-timers have taken for granted for years. Yet, here are their rugs still being collected and coveted all across the country. Makes you stop and think about what you are leaving as your legacy of your days here. Be sure to label your rugs with your name, a date, and a place. Someday someone might think of you as they look at at old rug and marvel at your workmanship. I create my labels on the computer and then transfer them to iron-on fabric that goes through my printer. I cut them into strips that will fit my binding tape, iron them onto the binding tape, and as I bind the rug, I am labeling it at the same time. Could not be easier! I’ll have to post a tutorial for you in the Rug Hooking Q&A section here at the blog – stay tuned.

This is the label I add to my rugs

Oh, before I leave you today, I’ll just mention that I have a new Etsy shop and another blog. The shop, Vintage on the Ridge, is a place where I’m selling antiques and vintage items. I have so much to offer and  since I really am no longer actively selling antiques from my web site I opened a new Etsy shop. So check it out – I will be adding tons of stuff all the time until it’s gone! I started another blog over at Blogger for Vintage on the Ridge, the blog. So put me on your reading list and be sure to Follow over there. I need readers since I am just getting started. Antiques & hooked rugs just go together so well. See? Old things are good!


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Old . . .

  1. I agree about labeling our rugs. Because I hook a lot of my own designs, I like to add a paragraph about why I designed the rug. I use technology – the computer- to create the label. I wrote a tutorial about how to create a rug label on the computer on my website at http://www.cindigayrughooking.com.

    For all rugs I include name, my town, year hooked, designer, and who my teacher was and at which camp. It is amazing how hard some of that information is to remember years down the line.


    • Hi Cindi – thanks so much for leaving a comment. I agree with you regarding the fleeting memory as time goes by . . . especially if you create many rugs each year or attend several camps or workshops. Adding information about the story behind the rug is a great idea if you want a larger label. I label mine right on the binding tape so I can bind and label at the same time. I am going to post a tutorial for that method – so easy – as soon as I can get it written up. Thanks for the nudge! Take care and stay warm – more snow is coming our way.


  2. Hi Cindi,
    I for one miss Hand Written Notes . Okay my handwritting is not the best but, There is a true lack of personal correspondance nowaday. ~Mail Art used to be big, I even tried and Succeeded at making a postcard out of wool and cotton, I mailed it to mom and she got it. ~
    Happy Birthday!
    remember your not old your “primitive” 🙂


    • hey Erica! Thanks for your comment. I agree about handwritten notes. One thing to be sure to do when you send one is to get the name right – mine is Sally (LOL!) It’s okay, kid, I’ve answered to much worse. Besides, maybe you were talking to Cindi (comment before yours) AND me at the same time. It’s all good. And your idea of not being old, but being primitive is a good one, but I like to think of myself as trendy and techy, so I am not sure primitive still works. I guess ‘senior’ or maybe ‘vintage’ – or just plain ‘old’ for that matter – it is what it is, after all. Take good care and say hi to your Mama for me.


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