Crochet-Finishing for your Rugs

I was poking around the blogs this morning – something I never allow myself much time to do – and I came across Karen Kahle’s (Primitive Spirit) instructions for finishing a rug using a crocheted edge. I had seen this quite some time ago, but thought that I would share that link with you. So many of you are knitting and crocheting these days (something I never mastered.) Karen is so talented and has a great color palette that is both primitive and contemporary at the same time. I hope you enjoy seeing how she finishes rugs with crochet.

Here is another fabulous idea for incorporating unique, wooly texture into your hooked pieces – Ali Strebel uses rolled wool strips for circles and other shapes (see the heart mat.) Ali (Alice of the Kindred Spirits duo) is now on her own at Ali Strebel Designs for Kindred Spirits – while she might be without Sally, she certainly is not at a loss for talent and new techniques. I can’t wait to try this!

Not leaving the gentlemen hookers out, Gene Shepherd’s Video Blog and instructional posts are just overwhelming! If you can’t find something there to inspire you and make you want to try something new, well then, I can’t help you! Check it out – be sure to bookmark this one because you will not be able to see it all at cone time. I love his passion for rug hooking, but seriously – Gene, you have way too much time on your hands! Not! I love this man!!

There are still a few kits available for the new Spring Hook-a-Month Project. New sign ups are coming in every day, so if you want to participate, reserve your kit now!

My new Easter cone was featured in the AHA blog today! Thanks Suzanne!

I better get some work done – even though I really want to keep poking around all the great rug hooking blogs!

Hook On, my friends!



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