Spring 2010 – New Hook-a-Month Project

It’s that time again – Spring is just around the corner and it’s Hook-a-Month time. My fourth Hook-a-Month project is a dazzler of a primitive rug. If you aren’t familiar with the hook-a-month concept, it’s all about storage space, finding the time to hook a large rug, and budgeting for a beautiful rug  (with a little help from me.)

Do you ever hesitate to order a large rug kit because it seems like you’ll never get it done? Or, you wonder where you would store all that wool while you work on the rug, and if you get the wool cut, will the strips be so wrinkled by the time you get to the end, they will be harder to work with? Or, maybe it just doesn’t fit into your budget to buy a large kit? The hook-a-month projects provide the solution to those problems!

This Hook-a-Month rug is a wonderful, abstract, antique-designed rug, circa early 1900s.  Polly Minick shared this rug on her blog recently, and she gave me permission to offer it to you for this new project. She asked that I make a few subtle changes, which I did; nothing to alter the design very much — I tweaked the colors and I simplified some of the tighter lines into a bit wider sections. I do not know for sure how large the original rug was, but the Hook-a-Month rug measures 24 x 24 inches.

I send kit shipments out over 4 months time, in an effort to help your budget and make the project more fun. You will find all the details and pricing on my website: Check out Hook-a-Month Spring 2010.

This project is open now – there are a limited number of kits and when they are gone, that’s it. Shipping begins mid-March and once a month through June when the last hook-a-month wool will get shipped to the participants. If you love this rug and want to participate, sign up and pay your first installment now. There are several options from which you can choose regarding payment and kit.

I am off to shovel my latest installment — it’s in the driveway, it’s white, it’s deep, and very cold. Yeah – I want Spring cuz you don’t have to shovel rain!


3 thoughts on “Spring 2010 – New Hook-a-Month Project

  1. HI Sally – I am so glad you are offering another hook a month. Do you have a picture of the new tweaked design? Would love to see what colors you have chosen too.


    • Kim – it is so subtle, but the photo shown here on the blog is the tweaked rug. You might notice more mustard in places and that I have continued several of the outermost colors around the perimeter as part of the border outline. I took out some of the more narrow, meandering lines of the original and replaced them with the colors that were adjoining them. As I said, I did not make any major changes; unless you look rather closely, the changes are not that evident. I did add the shape to the bottom of the center square also – I believe it adds balance to the shape that was in the top square already.


  2. Sally,
    WOW! It’s a small world. In 2006 I saw an ad for this rug selling at auction and cut it out. I always thought it would be so cool to hook it. I’ve sent you a copy of the ad via email.


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