Man, it’s cold!

It is frigid here on the north coast today – a little snow overnight, but just plain cold with wind chills below zero! Great day to bundle up and get some hooking done! I have a set of chair pads to work on for a customer – all different cats. Even blue ones – such fun! I finished hooking this one last night, so I am ready to get to work on the next. Finishing is what will get put off til the end — not my favorite part of hooking.

Blue Cat Chair Pad

I was delighted today to discover that my new heart mat was featured on American Holiday Artists blog. What a great group of artists creating really fun stuff! Take a look – the blog is updated twice a week with new creations from the AHA membership. all the artist’s blog links are listed along the left side – lots of eye candy to go around!

If you have not heard of, check it out. You can rack up savings and cash back like crazy. The idea is that you join, and before you shop at your favorite online retailers, log into and then click over to your shopping site. You then get the cash back savings put into your BigCrumbs account. Etsy sellers – you can offer deals for your shop and also save by referring others. It’s a win-win, for sure! Check it out! If you sign up, please click over from this link so I get the referral credit, or when you join, put folk’n’fiber in the referrer box. Thanks!

Well, that’s it for me today — I am off to make some hot coffee and cuddle up with a lapful of wool. Stay warm, my friends!


3 thoughts on “Man, it’s cold!

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