I’m Baaaccckkk

Okay, so much for being a better blogger. Life sure gets in my way! Early November brought me a ruptured appendix and emergency surgery. I am fully recovered now. then the holidays came and went with a flurry. Those I’ve also recovered from, thank you. So now here it is a new year and almost a month of it already gone. My last blog post was sometime in October . . . seems like yesterday! Okay, I am rationalizing a bit, but I am here to give you some snippets of news.

I have been invited to join the AHA artists (American Holiday Artists) group. I am excited about that and looking forward to producing some fun holiday-themed work for the group’s blog. If you love holiday art, be sure to check out the AHA Blog – it is updated twice a week with new holiday themed art that is for sale either in the artist’s Etsy shops, on Ebay, or at the artist’s web site.

Rug hooking classes that I began teaching in the Fall were postponed due to my surgery and then the holidays, and are now going again. We are having fun and learning from one another. Some workshops are also in the planning, so life is back in full swing.

I’ve also added two new beginner’s rug h0oking kits to my web site – same pattern but two options for tools and supplies to get a new rug hooker started. If you have been thinking about learning rug hooking, maybe now is a good time to check it out! Oh, and please stop over and become a fan of Folk ‘n’ Fiber on Facebook! I am Twittering as well. There sure is a lot more to life than just email these days, right? Well, that’s it for me today — I will be back with some photos as soon as I get some projects completed. Stay warm, y’all.


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