Check Out my Latest Hook-a-Month Project!

I found the perfect two antique rugs, so I combined their elements to create this Fall’s Hook-a-Month project. It measures 20 x 29 inches and will be sent in four separate shipments, once a month from Nov until Feb. That will give you plenty of time to hook each section, and by Feb., have a wonderful, old-looking rug completed.

Fall 2009 Hook-a-Month Project from Folk 'n' Fiber

Deer and Urn

The colors are so rich, yet have the softness of an old rug. The naive shapes and sections in the border add to the age and primitive aspect of this design. This kit will contain  a lot of textured wools, as well as a great antique black mix for the inner background and a rich, mottled red for the deer. I can’t wait to get started myself!

Click on the photo to go to my web site and get all the details about the project. There are several kit and payment options to choose from, and as usual, there will be a limited number of kits available, so reserve yours now. Shipping will begin on November 10th!

I really love these Hook-a-Month projects . . . and I hope they appeal to many of you, too!


2 thoughts on “Check Out my Latest Hook-a-Month Project!

  1. HI Sally – I love this rug. I thought I left a comment a few months ago here? Will you be having any more of these coming up? I think it is a great idea and a great way to hook up these great antique designs.


    • HI there Kim! I offer a new Hook-a-Month project in the Spring and in the Fall each year. The fourth one, Spring 2010, is about to begin – as a matter of fact, I am going to post about it here right now! I scour everywhere to find antique rugs that I think will speak to my customer base – most of whom like the old-looking rugs with drab colors and naive designs. I have had a couple of hookers participate who asked for brighter or different colors. While I can’t always accommodate those requests, there have been a couple of times that I did. What a difference that makes in a rug – as you well know. Check out the latest one – I think you will love it!


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