Chilly Ohio

I just looked out at my thermometer – 40 degrees?? It’s the first week of October! I want my niceautumn Fall weather here on the north coast. This is way past crisp Ohio October. I hate to start the day whining, but come on . . . one thing this weather is good for . . . rug hooking, of course. You really don’t mind a lap filled with wool when the weather is chilly. So, I have started a new rug and it’s been my relaxation in the evenings as I watch my fav TV shows or listen to music.

Tomorrow I begin my Fall classes here at the new-old house. I have combined new students with a small gathering of past students and friends to hook together. I think it will be the perfect mix – we will inspire, teach, and have a lot of fun with one another. It’s so great to see new rug hookers come to life, and to see everyone making new friendships that have a common thread. I am really looking forward to classes again. It’s been over a year since I’ve taught a class due to the move and all that went along with it. It’s gonna be good!

Yesterday was sunny, so I took advantage of the non-rainy day to get some of the perennials in the yard cut back. There are so many – all the correopsis, some of the peonies, all of the black-eyed Susans, and the annuals in the flower boxes on the porch got cut back or pulled out. The porch is all decorated for Halloween, too! So, I guess I am ready for Fall — it just needs to get here – Indian Summer – I want it NOW!


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