Moving On . . .

If you follow my web newsletter, you know that I have inherited my mother’s home where I grew up. I have spent the last 6 months trying to re-decorate the house and get moved in. Lots of obstacles have jumped in front of me, but I am getting there slowly. The house is much smaller than my present house, so I am picking and choosing from among my possessions – that’s the easy part. What to do with everything that doesn’t fit is the hard part.

Rug hooking has been an absent element of my life these past few months. I hook my designs for Create and Decorate and that has been about it. I really miss my “pleasure hooking!”  When I finally get settled, I am going to put the biggest rug I’ve ever hooked on my frame and just go to town — I sorely need a hooking fix!

Meantime, I can’t wait for sprint to fully arrive here on the northcoast of Ohio . . . we’ve had record snow and cold this year. You really cannot get muich moving done when you have 3 inches of ice in your driveways! So warm weather will definitely be a welcome thing. Of course, having 2 yards to maintain for a while is not going to be fun either.

So, that’s where my life has been and why you have not heard from me lately – it’s always something with me! Here is a pic of my new living room . . .



Now I have to get out from under this house in Amherst. Anyone want to buy a 2-story colonial in a sleepy little town with great schools? Just 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland and easily accessible to everywhere by highway and turnpike interchanges only 3 minuts or less away. Close to park and public pool, too. Great buy — in a  beautiful old neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Moving On . . .

  1. Love your living room. It looks so cosy and i can hardly wait to see the rug you are going to do. I am so addicted to rug hooking I hardly get anything else done.Lucky I am retired! I am just a beginner too graduating from quilting and wool felting!


  2. Hi just visted your site. I have written before your mom died. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in February 2009. How much is your house in Amherst? I am finishing up my first project. I have a question. I am using needlepoint yarn and cording for my edge. Do I use 1 strand or the 3? I would like to visit let me know when it would be proper. Also, would like to take a small class. Good excuse to stay with my mother for a few days. Love your site. Karen


    • Wow – I have been really remiss in seeing and answering posts, here. Gotta do better! When you whip your edges for binding, use all three strands of yarn in the needle. My house in Amherst is still not on the market: son is living there and there is much cleaning out to so still. It seems so overwhelming to me that I have a hard time getting motivated to get it done, and then kick my son out. Life is hard sometimes!


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