AWOL – Guilty – Busy – All of Above!

I really, really intended to be better at this blogging on a regular basis than I have been in the last few months. Summer just took over my life with all sorts of issues, mostly personal family things that sucked any spare time right out of my life. As things settle (a bit), I am here to say I am so sorry to my readers who have asked questions and continued to read this blog – even reading past posts and responding to them. I am so grateful for each of you – showing an interest in my work and my blog. So now, I will allow life to move me forward (like I could stop it if I wanted to – LOL) and just roll with it.

Right Antique Star Rug (this is the original rug)now, I am working on a Hook-a-Month project. I offered this pattern and project to my web newsletter subscribers about a month ago, and many of them signed up. Now it is open for anyone else who wishes to sign up. Basically it consists of a gorgeous antique adaptation of a hooked rug from the 1800s. I am offering the pattern and wool project over a period of time – much like the quilters’ block of the month clubs do. If you want to know more about it, visit my web site here for all the information. If you decide to sign up, do it quickly because I only have a few of these left. I can’t wait to start working on this one myself. I want to work on mine along with the rug hookers who sign up and work on this a month at a time so we can share our experience and compare our rugs as they progress.

I absolutely love, love, love this rug! The design is great, and I especially love the faded old colors. I hope to be able to replicate them fairly close for the kits. It will be so much fun to see how everyone’s rugs differ and how they are the same. I have some hookers who ordered their kits with the wool already cut, but I am hoping that some of the others who ordered kits with uncut wool will be using different strip widths so we can see how the rug looks coming off the hooks of each one of them, as well.

I have work waiting for me, so my dear readers, thank you again for being here (if you are . . .) and I again promise to try to do better at posting more frequently now that things are simmering down a little. Until next time . . .  Happy Hooking!


7 thoughts on “AWOL – Guilty – Busy – All of Above!

  1. Hi Sally, just came by to say “hi”. This is such a beautiful piece. I love the colors, and the pattern…well, all of it! Lol!
    Hope things have slowed down a bit for you.



  2. I don’t know why I haven’t seen your blog before
    😦 This rug is beautiful. I know this posting is an old one but do you have this pattern available? Will you be offering it again?
    I love it!


    • Hi Kim!
      Gosh I haven’t talked to you in ages! I hope you are well. The rug you asked about was one of my Hook-a-Month projects. I can draw up the pattern for you on prim linen, but I don’t have the woolens any more to make up a kit. Email me and we can figure it out.


    • Hi– better late than never? Hope so. All my patterns are available on my website. Go to the Rug Hooking link at the top of the page, and then select Patterns and Kits from the page you land on. I haven’t talked to you in ages — how are you? Are ya still making soap?


  3. Hi Sally- I just came across your blog by way of April DeConick’s blog. Sounds like you have been quite busy! Can’t wait to get the latest edition of the Wool Street Journal to see your rugs!

    As I was viewing your earlier entries, I too have fallen in love with your HAM rug. I’m getting ready to take a workshop with Jayne Hester in November and have been looking for just the right project. I think this rug is gorgeous! Any chance you might have another pattern available? Looking forward to hearing from you! -Mary


    • Mary – I am so sorry for seeing this Comment too late! Thanks for visiting here and I hope you’ll come back often (if I can remember and find time to blog more often.) How was the Jayne Hester class? I love her monocromatic rugs!!


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