Sunny Day

Good Sunny Morning!

It’s warm, sunny and beautiful here on the North Coast today – Finally! Sure makes one feel so much better to see and feel the  sun. The colors are so much brighter and so is my disposition. I think I live in the wrong area of the country. Winters here drag on and rarely do we see the sun during those months. It has really affected my creativity this winter. But, now I can get out in the sun, tend the yard and gardens, and wait for the flowers to bloom. I planted crocuses scattered in my front lawn years ago, and yesterday they opened their pretty little purple, yellow and white heads as if to speak to me saying, “it’s here – Spring is really here!” I sure hope it stays here, but in northern Ohio, one never knows – I’ve seen errant snow as late as May here (shudder!)

Well, yard work is beckoning me, and you know what? It isn’t even going to feel like work! Until tomorrow when this old body tells me that I can’t work that long any more. Oh well, that’s what aspercreme is for, right? Until next time – enjoy the sun – I hope it’s shining in your neck of the woods.



4 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Hi Sally.. I really like what you have done with your web page. I had never seen the paint and fiber art. Really great ideas for windows. I havent gotten back to hookin. Hubby laid off and I cant do much with him home all the time. Getting ready to put more flowers out(favorite Mothers day gifts) Take care and have a wonderful Mothers Day.Sharon


  2. Hi Sally…love the rabbit!!! And I also love Rebecca Erb’s wools! Just yummy!
    I use them a lot in my work. I’m still hooking away on the Bradley Primitive rug and having a great time!
    Happy Spring! Sunnie : )


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