That’s Life

Well for the past couple of weeks I have been diligently trying to rebuild my entire website, which is a huge undertaking! I desperately needed to clean up my code, which has gotten extremely bloated over the years. So each and every page is being fixed. I had a couple of mishaps and while publishing pages to the Internet to check the changes, caused my header to be the only thing that is displaying on those pages – not a good thing! So, I cannot publish the changes until the entire site is done. I am about 3/4 of the way there, but my largest pages with products are still waiting and really time consuming to re-create. So, that’s why you haven’t heard from me of late. I appreciate you still coming to check on me! Life sure can get in the way.

I haven’t done much hooking (or anything else for that matter) these last couple of weeks, and I am missing it sooo much. I have to get busy and get two design projects ready for Create and Decorate, so at least I have an excuse to hook something new! This is the project for the Holiday issue, so it won’t be easy to get myself in the mood to hook winter stuff just as the weather is finally warming up. Such is the way of the magazine world – always looking 6 months ahead! Just got the Spring issue and I am so happy with the way they displayed my Lepus Rabbit door crown. That was the one I told you I am keeping when it comes back to me. I can see it over my door already!

So, I am here trying hard to get my site ready for it’s big re-opening. It will look almost the same, but with new and better navigation, some new pages, pdf files you can download with information about how to do things, online e-newsletter, etc. Stay tuned and stay with me . . . thanks for the comments, girls. I apprecaite you visting here!



One thought on “That’s Life

  1. Hi Sally So glad you are back……….. My Grandson is home now. I hope he get the treatment he needs. He feeels so guilty and I have told him how proud everyone is of him. His body will heal just hope his mind will soon. With all the prayers he is getting I know he is in good hands. IWant them ALL home now. Hope you get your computing done soon.Take care Sharon


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