Time Flies!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had time to sit down and write anything here. Between computer crashes and my son’s car accident, I have lost track of what I am doing, totally! So now that things have settled down a bit (she said with her fingers crossed), I can post more often.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter – can we look forward to some warmer weather now, do you think? Here on the north coast of Ohio, we get rain, then snow, then thaw, then it starts all over again. It has been the snowiest March we’ve had in a long time, and I for one, am SICK of snow!! We had a snow of about 2 inches on Easter evening. Remember when you were a kid and you’d get a new spring outfit for Easter? Dress, gloves, little hat, and maybe a light-weight coat? My poor granddaughters were bundled up like snowmen for Easter! What happened to our weather? Oh, never mind, I know — global warming. We won’t go there . . . I’d rather talk about rug hooking.

I started a clamshell rug a couple of weeks ago, but I am only about half done. I usually finish a rug the same week I start it, but with all my distractions lately, I just have not spent the time on it. Plus, I did have to fit in two projects for Create and Decorate this month as well. Those got mailed off today, so I just might sit and hook this evening. I need it!!

My youngest daughter is home on spring break from Ohio U., but she is going back tomorrow (boo-hoo); so I will probably do laundry tonight – hooking works well on laundry night for me. About the time I need to take a break from hooking, I can go to the laundry room and flip a load into the dryer, start a new load in the washer, and go back to hooking again. Plus, that’s about the only time I get to watch any television. Speaking of which, I think I just missed my Cavs game – darn! Our Indians opening day is Monday, and for that I absolutely cannot wait! I am an Indians fanatic!!

Do you all have a favorite (or best) time to hook?



4 thoughts on “Time Flies!

  1. Hi Sally, Was wondering what happened to you. Hope your Easter was a happy one also.Ummmm my favorite time to hook……usually when I should be running the sweeper. lol I just got a new table for out side in the garden and I am waiting to be able to get out there and hook. Just hope it comes soon. This weather has been awful. I looking forward to the humming birds and my next Create&Decorate to see what you have done. I love that mag. I love ALL your things…I am making some primitive fabric covered paper mache boxes for our homemakers auction. After that I will be hooking no matter what. Take care Sally and may Spring will be with you. Sharon
    HI Sharon
    Sorry to keep you wondering regarding my whereabouts. Life sure can get in the way sometimes. Ah Spring – doesn’t that just sound so wonderful? I can’t wait to see the flowers poking their heads up. And yes, the hummingbirds – I love them!

    Create and Decorate is due out again on the 22nd, I think. I have a hooked door crown coming up – I can’t wait to get that model back – it’s going up in MY house this time. I sell most of my models (you can’t keep everything, ya know?) But I really liked this one and will keep it.

    I have several stacks of fabric covered boxes – I really like the primitive look of them, and they are functional, too. This old house doesn’t have much storage space, so I use boxes and covered benches, as well as cupboards, to stash lots of stuff. My problem at this point is trying to remember where I stash what!

    Spring is coming, so get ready – you will be hooking in your garden soon, m’dear. Wish I could be there with you . . . let the sun shine!



  2. Sally, I’m a new ‘hooker’…….have completed only 3 small projects, working on my 4th one now–a primitive angel dedicated to my late mother.
    I read in your blog that you usually complete a project in a week! This is totally amazing to me as I work on my small projects for weeks at a time, hooking mostly in the evenings.
    What kind of frame do you use? That seems to be my main problem. The expensive Puritan frame is cumbersome to hold on my lap, and the ‘sticky’ edges often pull out my stitches….aggravating! I’ve tried to use round embroidery hoops, but they don’t stay on after the project gets very thick on the hooked areas. Hooking seems to go faster when the backing is pulled taut, but so far I haven’t found out how to do that without the problems. Any suggestions? Thanks much, Sharon Walton
    PS….We’re sick and tired of snow in central Ohio too! Brrrr….
    Hi Sharon
    As far as hooking fast, yeah, I do. But, I also hook for hours at a time – am a bit fanatical (or maybe maniacal) when I get going. The problem you have with your frame is quite common among new hookers. What you need to do to prevent the grippers from pulling out the loops you’ve hooked is this: pull one side of the rug out away from the grippers (that releases the rug from that side of the slightly slanted gripper teeth.) You will feel the tension release when you do that and you can allow that side of the rug to lift up. Once one side is released, you should be able to just “peel” the rug off the frame by lifting up the loose end and slowly pulling it off the frame to the opposite end, like turning back the bed covers. Do it slowly, and you should have success. You are right about hooking easier with the backing tight. I like my backing so tight on the frame I can bounce a quarter off of it. I tighten and tighten, and then tighten some more. Good thing linen is sturdy!! No that you know how to get the rug off the frame without pulling everything out, you can tighten away!! My usual frame for most rugs is a box-style frame that sits in my lap — it was made by the Mad Hen in Marietta. You can see them at http://www.madhen.com – look under Wooden Things. I do have a floor frame, too, but I hardly ever use it any more. The stand is wobby and the entire top swings all over the place – it’s just aggravating! Let us know if we’ve solved your removal problem tho’.


  3. Dear Sally, I am new at this blog thing, but just had a desire to share some happenings in my business. I have owned two restaurants for a number of years, but have alwys needed a creative outlet. I started hosting quilting retreats(2 per year) in our little historic village 5 years ago. This year I held my first rug hooking retreat in Jan. What fun!!!! I started hooking a year ago and now 6 rugs later I am addicted. I enjoy the organizing and creating a fun time for all the girls and introduce them to fiber arts that they may not have done before.

    My second retreat will be an open class on May 14 &15 taught by Kathy
    Meentemeyer of St, Louis. On the last day of of each of my retreats, I have an educational speaker. This spring it was Hallye Bone. She spoke on the history of Crazy Quilts and the Victorian Woman. Somehow we must make time to be creative.

    Ann Badasch
    Hi Ann
    Thanks for stopping by the Blog. It sounds like you create very nice retreats for rug hookers and quilters. Where are you located? In St. Louis?


  4. I think laundry time would be a wonderful time to hook. However, the other night I heard a weird noise coming from the washing machine and went I went to check on it it was SMOKING!!!! Won’t be repaired until Saturday…..sooooo
    I’m on a semi-vacation right now while they are remodeling my kitchen so today I’m going to hook….it’s soooo windy outside and I pulled a bunch of wools to hook a purse. Today I will indulge MYSELF!!


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