Happy Presidents Day

I cannot believe Feb is half gone. I guess as I get older (another birthday on Thursday), time really does go faster. Today, schools, banks and postal service, etc. are closed in celebration of past presidents. So Happy Presidents Day to all.

I have to get things together for a new rug hooking class that I will begin next month if all goes well. My studio has gotten to be a real mess, so that needs a major clean and reorganization before classes begin. Several students from a couple of previous classes have expressed an interest in coming in to hook together — time seems to be a factor for them at home and having a time set aside away from home just for hooking, allows them the opportunity to really work on their hooking projects. I might just have the new and previous students all come at the same time — they can learn and share together — that’s a great way to learn and measure progress.

Yesterday, it was almost 60 degrees here on the North coast of Ohio with driving rain and high winds, and this morning it is snowing again. I just cannot wait for Spring to arrive. My lawn completely died last summer in the searing heat, so I need to get some seed on the ground soon and hopefully by Spring the grass might germinate and grow. If not, I guess the weeds will eventually take over and grow into a new lawn (yuck); my neighbors might not like that so much though. It’s always something. But my flower beds are beckoning me to make Spring hurry up. I can’t wait to feel warm earth between my fingers again — it is so wondrous every Spring to rake out the beds and see the perennials already emerging, and ready to grow.

Until then, I guess I’ll clean and watch the snow fly so that come Spring, I can forget the cleaning and head for the outdoors! Stay warm faithful readers; Spring will come.


3 thoughts on “Happy Presidents Day

  1. I am desperately trying to find a place that will repair a Rigby Wool Cutter (cuts the strips) that I own. I got a hold of a phone number for Rigby, and have left two messages over a week’s time, with no return phone call. Does anybody out there know where I can get my Rigby cutter repaired?
    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Shawn – I have heard from reliable sources that Rigby Co. is less than responsive. It’s really too bad if that’s the case, because their cutters are really good machines! I have a model D and I dearly LOVE it. I have the same fear, that someday I will need repairs and won’t be able to get them. There is a shop here in Ohio that used to sell Rigby cutters – try emailing or calling them and see if Larry can help you. Here is their web site address: http://www.aults.com And if you have any luck, please come back and let me know! Happy Hooking and good luck . . . Sally


  3. Hi,
    Less than responsive . . . at Rigby. . . .so now the only Rigby machines we have are the ones we take in on trade for the Townsend. The Rigby machine is great! Just could not . . . wait that long. I have some cutterheads and cleaning fingers in 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ and a few other sizes of cleaning fingers.

    Larry Ault


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