This & That . . .

Well, that’s that — the Super Bowl is over for another year. And I am so glad to see the Patriot’s finally get beat. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Pats hater, but it just gets old seeing the same team take it all the entire season. So, it was definitely a surprise, and since my Browns didn’t get to play, I am happy to see the underdogs win.

I finally got a new hooked rug design finished during the game — bound it and now need to take some photos. I will probably offer it as a new beginner’s kit soon. Will get some photos posted here, too.

I offered some free goodies with orders as a Valentine’s Day promotion, and the orders rolled in (thankfully – I have to pay some bills!)– folks sure like to get little gifts that show you appreciate their business. I worked all day making up kits to fill orders and it feels good to tuck those little extras in the boxes. Not enough businesses offer their customers gifts of appreciation now and then. Business is different than it used to be — I still think like a Mom and Pop business with customer service being a very important aspect of what I offer.  I think if we can teach our children something important that might carry on after we are gone, it is to treat those whom we serve with respect and offer customer service with a smile and mean it — even the smallest gesture of appreciation to someone who supports our business (or the business we work for) can do so much, both for them and for us. Okay, off that soap box (for now.)

My creative juices seem to have slowed down with the cold weather — I am not feeling terribly inspired these days. I think the dreary, gray days are getting to me. Every day I wake up thinking I must create — and the hours go by without ideas or inspirations — I NEED some sunshine and color!! My hooking gal pals are waiting for me to call and say, “let’s get together and hook” but even that seems like a chore lately — and then I would absolutely have to clean up this studio, which has turned into a nightmare while getting everything ready for filing taxes (I won’t even start on that!)

Okay – I am off for now — hope to see sun really soon!!


3 thoughts on “This & That . . .

  1. Hi Sally, I too am tired of all this gloom and doom. I was thinking I was the only one. Cheer up though because I dont want to go to your web site or get my Create&Decorate and see blank pages where your great projects are suppose to be. lol I love my rug hook I ordered awhile back from you. It sure makes it much easier. Now if the sun would shine I might get it back out and do some hooking.Before you know it I will be complaing about the heat..Take care Sally The Sun Will Shine”” Sharon Bryant


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Sharon – we had a major snow storm here in OHIO today, so I guess I am back to waiting for some sun! Take good care and happy hooking! Sally


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