Another month gone!

It’s hard to believe there is already a month gone out of 2008! I guess it’s about time for me to get blogging again – it’s been about a year since I wrote anything at my old blog site. I moved over here so I could link my blog up to my Flickr photo account.

With this blog I want to share a bit about my passion for fiber art and folk art painting with anyone who might be interested. I have been a passionate artist for many years. Simplicity in a naive primitive style is what I most enjoy creating. I have been an antiques dealer and collector for many years, and have always loved things magermantreen_small.jpgde by hand — those that filled a need for a particular family or individual.

One-of-a-kind things intrigue me — many are made out of necessity; the originality and ingenuity of the maker is built in and sometimes defy our understanding for why a thing was made. Once you figure it out, it’s often amazing to see how that need was filled using simple techniques, tools, and materials — those things that were at hand.

That is where my addiction to handmade hooked rugs came from — the antique hooked rugs are simply made with materials (cast off clothing and blankets mostly) their makers had at hand. I began about 6 years ago with the help of a wonderful friend in New Hampshire, Toni Syrmopoulos She talked me through it by phone, emailed me encouragement, and even sent me my first hook! Once I “got it,” I could not be stopped. I began hunting for bargain wool at my local thrift stores, my attic, and the closets of relatives. I was utterly and totally “hooked” on this fiber art.

About three years ago, I was introduced to yet another fiber art that struck my fancy — miniature punch needle embroidery. When I used wool threads, I found that these tiny works resemble little hooked rugs. This art form is much more portable and quicker to complete. That satisfied my need for quick gratification and another fiber art was added to my arsenal.antique clam shell rug - one of my favs!

So it goes. Passions are fired, obsessions form, and you love what you do. I feel very fortunate to have found several art forms that I love. Life is good!


One thought on “Another month gone!

  1. Hi Ladies. Just found this sight today, which is very interesting. I have been hooking for about 8 years. i find it so relaxing. I have used kits so far but gathering wool and dyeing it sounds interesting. Here in Pa. , hooked rugs are very reasonable at the antique, country shops and a large barn nearby that just sells about everything. I bought a 12×12 rug of a sheep. for $20.00 and another of a saltbox house for $25.00. I have them hanging in my mudroom , where you enter the house. Happy Hooker in Pa.


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