Have a creative business? This post is for you . . .

I want to share some exciting news with all my friends who are running a creative business. I know so many of you rug hookers and small publishers are working very hard to grow the small businesses you are so passionate about. It’s hard, I know. But this ebook is so exciting! We all love Kelly Rae Roberts whimsical and inspiring art work, but she is also so smart when it comes to taking your creative business to the next level. And, she is sharing all her tips, tricks, and experience with us in her ebook, Flying Lessons! It is Kelly Rae sharing everything she’s ever learned in her creative biz journey. This 261 page ebook has been fully updated and beautifully redesigned.

Kelly states, “It’s packed with information, personal stories of what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t worked – lots of wisdom in those hard-earned lessons), links, resources, and informative interviews with some of the most knowledgeable people I know, including licensing and publishing directors that I’ve personally worked with. The resources, information, and direct leads/contacts in this e-book will save you boatloads of time and money in hours spent researching. Whether you’re a beginner, or an accomplished artist, this e-book will give you concrete information and empowering inspiration to get you moving toward the direction of your dream.”


I have been working hard at my creative business for many years, and the hardest thing to maintain, for me, is consistency and getting to a higher level of sales and brand recognition. This is my answer! I am so grateful that Kelly has re-released a brand new, updated version of Flying Lessons, and I am about to take flight. Check it out — take your creative business up, up and away, too! And the best part? It’s available as an instant download – so no waiting for the mail or paying shipping costs!

Follow the links to go there, read all about it, and see why I am so excited!

Be sure to check out all the beautiful Kelly Rae Roberts artworks, too. That is one mega-talented woman!

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News! All Good . . .

Hi there kids! It’s been a while – again. I guess I am just resigned to be a bad blogger unless I have some important stuff to share. So here it is!

The new Hook-a-Month project is all ready – several of the limited kits have been spoken for, so if you are interested in reserving one for yourself, I would say hurry! I really like this old rug, and have created an adaptation that I am sure will appeal to all you primitive lovers. The rug measures 25 x 25 inches and the first installment of the project will ship out in late April. We are busy overdyeing woolies and I am awaiting a new shipment of primitive linen.

Hook-a-Month Spring 2015, Prim Starburst

What else you ask? Well, we all know that we don’t have the least expensive hobby, and I have had lots of new visitors tell me, “I love your patterns!” and “I wish I could buy more.” So, I have added, for a limited time, some bundle options for you. If you buy 3 patterns, you can get a bundle price, and I will throw in a free fat quarter of wool to boot. There are three bundle tiers based on the size of the patterns. You can’t mix the sizes or the pricing doesn’t work, but you can save a bunch of cash buying this way. You will find the details and pricing here. Almost all of my designs are available this way – there are a few exceptions and they are marked on the web pages. The only quirk to it all is my shopping cart – you will have to indicate the patterns you want in the Message box of the cart, when you select the appropriate bundle based on the size of the patterns.

I hope this is helpful to new hookers looking to build a stash of designs to work on, as well as my old hooking friends who just need more, more, more! Here is one of my favorites! If you have any questions at all (it can get a bit confusing, I guess) just comment here or email me –I am always happy to help!
Welcome Spring Runner

And lastly, I just wanted to share with you that I will be publishing new designs with the great new magazine that is coming out in May – Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher! Check it out – I think it is going to be spectacular. We were so sorry to see Create & Decorate go away, but I think this will fill the void really well.

Hook on – it’s Spring!!

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Can You Even Believe It?

Yes, I am blogging again . . . it has been a super crazy year (won’t bore you with the details) and I have been so neglectful of my poor ole blog (again!) How do you folks make time every day to post? I admire all who do. So there is lots of news here to share.

fadedrooster_smMy annual Thanksgiving giveaway is under way. You can find the details here: Give Thanks! Random drawing will be on Thanksgiving Day and you could win the big ole Rooster Vane hooking pattern on linen (a $90 value!) And as an added bonus, if you share the news on Facebook and one of those you share it with enters, you get an extra entry in the giveaway! So check that out and get your name in the game!

Rooster Vane was offered as my Hook-a-Month project in the fall of last year – it was a huge success – everyone loved this old faded pattern.

More fun news! If you order anything from either of my Etsy shops on Black Friday (11-28-14) you get free shipping! And you will receive an emailed coupon code worth $10 off your next purchase! So click on over and see if there isn’t something you can’t live without!    Folk’n’Fiber Etsy Shop      Vintage on the Ridge Etsy ShopAntique Japan Santa Doll in Great Condition- original Tag and Toy Sack

I have also secured an Etsy Reader, so I can now make sales offline. If you are looking for a vintage item or something for rug hooking that you don’t see on my site or in my Etsy shops, just shoot me an email and I just might have it! I still have tons of vintage goods that are not in my Etsy shop, so chances of me having what you are looking for might be good. You don’t know if you don’t ask, right? I can do your credit card purchase right over the phone, you get emailed a receipt, and I will ship it out! Pretty cool. I love technology!

You know what is the MOST fun? Connecting with, and having conversations with, rug hookers! I recently joined an awesome group of rug hookers in a new Facebook group called Out of Hand Rug Hookers! Fun name isn’t it? It is the best group – everyone posting photos every day and having great conversations about rug hooking. Come on over and ask to join. You will love everyone – lots of familiar names and just good inspiration!

Right now, I have nothing on my frame! Designs keep swirling around in my head when I try to go to sleep at night – my frame is calling . . . but by the time I get everything done during my day, I procrastinate.. “tomorrow”, I say. I think I need a swift kick in the behind! Social media is fun, but it sure eats up your time. However, my Pinterest account stopped working, so that is a time saver! I do miss it though! Always something to fix or do.

And the most exciting news – drum roll… my daughter’s wedding was October 11 in Cincy. So of course, ‘crafty Mom’ (that’s me) made tons and tons of decorations and all the flowers. So I drove down with a loaded car and it was wonderful. I walked Maggie down the aisle to become Mrs. Voshell. I cried buckets of happy tears and welcomed Trace into our family with open arms.coupleSo here are a couple of photos – isn’t she beautiful? Yes, I am biased, but she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out. So proud of her and also of her hubby (he beat cancer last year, so this was an especially grateful celebration of their new life together!)


Me, trying hard not to cry!

Well, that’s it for now — I hope I still have readers left! So sorry for being away . . . have a joyous Thanksgiving and hug your people!!



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New Hook-a-Month Project for Fall Is Now Available!

ImageAntique Adaptation Hooked Rug – Rooster-Vane

This project is a reproduction of an antique rug that I love for its simplicity and age.  After polling several past Hook-a-Month participants, this rug was an overwhelming favorite. The name came from me, because it reminds me of an antique weathervane. Wool colors will be replicated as closely as possible to those in the original faded rug. Pattern will come on primitive linen along with your first month’s wool shipment. There are a limited number of kits, as usual, so if you want to participate in this project, don’t hesitate to order early! First shipments of pattern and wool will go out in October.

They have been selling fast. There are a limited number of kits available – only three are left, so if you want one, hurry and get your order in. There are payment options available. Get all the details at my web site!

I am excited to hook this one myself! My dear friend and rug hooking pal, Jo Ellen from www.LaceyJanePrims.com, will be overdyeing all the wonderful faded wool colors for these kits. We are trying to keep the colors old and faded to mimic the awesomeness of the old rug. As soon as all the kits are sold, the wool will be ordered and the overdyeing will begin . . . oooohhhh, I am getting so excited to start this one!!

Thank you to all my past Hook-a-Month participants who helped me choose this pattern design — it was a close call, but the Rooster-vane won out in the end. We all love it!!

What are all of you hooking right now? I don’t get to this blog very often but when I do, I love to hear from all of you!! Share, please?

Happy Hookin’!!



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Spring 2013 Hook-a-Month Project

Hook-a-Month for Spring 2013 Hook-a-Month Project for Spring 2013

I had a really hard time choosing an antique rug to adapt for this new Hook-a-Month spring project, so I took three of my real favorites, combined them into one design, and called it Triplet. I hope you love it as much as I do!

If you are unfamiliar with how my Hook-a-Month projects work, just click over to my web site and you’ll find all the details there. Or you can download the PDF that basically tells you the same thing (and you can print it out for reference.)

I will be moving from the design phase of this project into the color planning stages, and working with my awesome overdyer, Jo Ellen Dismukes from LaceyJanePrims.com, to get going on our color collaboration. I am going for dull and old with lots of mottling and textures. I re-colored the sample you see in the photo, bringing the colors of each of the old rugs more into the same color palette – they were close to begin with and I think that’s why I loved them all.

The number of kits available for these projects is always limited, so if you want to participate in this project, order yours soon to reserve your kit. The pattern and first wool shipment will be sent out between the middle of April and the beginning of May, allowing us enough time to overdye all the wool and get kits made up for your orders. Each subsequent month, another wool shipment will be sent for another section of the rug, with the last shipment arriving in September or October.

Well, that’s it for now. What do you think? Like it?

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New rug hooking patterns available

Okay – 100 lashes with a wet wool strip (or a noodle if you prefer.) I have again been a bad blogger . . . I just don’t get here, between all the other social media, my web site and Etsy shops, plus working an outside job – yeah, blah, blah, blah, I know. Anyway – here I am with just a little news about rug hooking patterns. I have updated my site with the celebration rug patterns I have been hooking for Create and Decorate magazine, as well as a new Hook-a-Month cupcake hooked rugproject for fall. So, if you are so inclined, check out the latest at my site. The cupcake rug, Happy Day, was my favorite to hook,

and I can’t wait to get going on the new Hook-a-Month pattern, Sunflower, adapted after the antique rug below:

sunflower hooked rug

I also have a custom offer for you needle punchers that I explained in my latest newsletter. What? You aren’t subscribed? Well you are missing out on news, sales, and announcements that you just might want to hear (since I don’t seem to update you very often here at the blog.) Sign up here – it’s free and easy! If you missed the latest newsletter, and you want to know about this offer, comment below with your email and I’ll send you a copy.

Are you a pinner? Pinterest is so much fun! If you aren’t pinning – try it, and if you are, check out my pin boards and repin something so I can find you and follow your boards, too!

‘Til next time (whenever that might be . . .)



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Ridgeway Cutter – instruction sheet link

Click HERE to open a new window (pdf file) with thea copy of the Ridgeway Cutter instruction sheet. Thanks to Sue Fellenzer for sharing it with us!

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Leap Day Savings at Folk ‘n’ Fiber!

Head over to the web site tomorrow to get 2.9% off your order! We all need a little help, so celebrate Leap Day, stock up on some supplies or treat your self to a pattern and save a little, too.

Just enter LEAPDAY in the coupon box when you check out and you’ll get your special discount.

While you are there, check out the new Hook-a-Month pattern for Spring! Two horses is my adaptation of an antique rug from the 1800s, found in Pa. I hope you love it! Limited kits available and will begin shipping April 1. Order yours now to be sure you get one!


Happy Leap Year to all my wonderful hooking friends!


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Hooking Gifts in a Poor Economy

It’s coming, like it or not! I am talking about the season of giving gifts. You look at the stack of bills and straight into the empty bottom of your wallet, and wonder “how am I going to pull this off again this year?” The economy and job market hasn’t gotten a lot better over the last year and it remains difficult for so many people to stay on top of bills

Yep, it's coming fast!

and finances, and have any funds left over for hobbies or fun. Luckily for us, thrift store wool and a little linen can keep us hooking if it comes down to that! But think of how much money you can save by creating holiday gifts yourself — and the joy it would bring to a friend to receive them! A stack of hooked mug mats tied up with pretty ribbons would melt my heart, for sure! To receive an actual rug created by a special family member just for me would make me feel so special. I know the retailers want us to buy, buy, buy throughout November and December (and I know we still will do that) but we can save on those post-holiday bills a little by giving rug hooked gifts to a few very special folks this year. I received and order for my Barn Star Mug Mat kit this week with a note from the customer saying, “please send this order asap – I want to get these hooked for a Christmas gift.” It got me wondering how many rug hookers give special, hand-hooked presents every year? Think about that . . .

I am presenting a new series of designs in Create and Decorate this coming year called Celebration Rugs. The designs are for rugs that you would give as special gifts to mark an occasion, like a wedding, a special birthday, or a housewarming. The first design will appear in the January/February issue – it’s a Wedding Rug. At any given wedding, how many of the couples’ closest guests might be rug hookers? Not many right? Probably only one – you! So how special would it be for that couple to receive a gift that would last all the years they are married? You couldn’t say that about the old standby gifts, like a toaster, or roasting pan, or even sheets. Our craft is one that is sustainable and one that creates finished products that are intended to last several lifetimes. That in itself is a gift.

Have you created gift rugs in the past? Will you give one this holiday season? Tell me about it!

Happy Fall Hooking, my friends! Stay warm, stay well, and hook on . . . .


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Support for Folk Art in America?

Recently read in the Etsy forums:

“Please. Someone, everyone, do something to save the American Folk Art Museum from dissolution and dispersal,” begged art critic Roberta Smith in the opening line of her plea in The New York Times last week.

I was unaware that the American Folk Art Museum was in trouble . . . it is the most awesome place I have ever visited! How can we let it fall and disappear?  Apparently, it has been rescued . . . but for how long? We need to do something to preserve and protect our folk art heritage!

The article goes on:

Having narrowly escaped financial ruin by selling off one of its two locations, the future of New York City’s American Folk Art Museum (AFAM), whose staff of 50 has dwindled to 10, has been bleak. Fortunately, within a few days of Smith’s article, donors came through and saved the museum at the last minute. AFAM is still in critical condition — the road to recovery will involve internal restructuring and, presumably, a massive media campaign to attract visitors. The case of AFAM is just more evidence proving how over time, the words “folk” and “craft” have developed a negative connotation, often marginalized and excluded from high art.

Please read the rest of the article at Etsy.com here:


(note the gorgeous photo of all those red and white quilts hung for a show!)

Who would have ever thought that folk art would make it to the endangered species  list? Unspeakable! What can we do to make sure we don’t lose all this wonderful, historic art?



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