Welcome to my blog . . .  I am Sally Van Nuys, owner and artist at Folk ‘n’ Fiber, Folk Art & Rug Hooking. Rug hooking and folk art painting are my passions! I love antiques, painting, & fiber art, and it’s a pleasure to share it with all of you! One of my favorite artistic endeavors is finding old or cast-off objects that I can reclaim and make beautiful or functional again with paint or wool!

I currently sell my designs from my web site, Folk ‘n’ Fiber and also design rug hooking projects for Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazine. I have an Etsy shop for Folk ‘n’ Fiber where you will find some of my patterns, magazine models, and other things I have created for fun. I also have a second Etsy shop where I sell antiques & vintage treasures – Vintage on the Ridge.

I will try to be diligent about coming here to share thoughts, inspirations, accomplishments, projects,  and other stuff with you all — I hope there is a “you all” to read it! So poke around here and see how I am progressing. You can start in the Archives over there on the right column for blog posts, or there are pages of rug hooking Q&A, accessible from the top menu.

I am happy to exchange links with other rug hooking enthusiasts, shops, and shows.


12 thoughts on “ABOUT SALLY

  1. I found your site while shopping for binding tape for my Mother’s hand hooked rugs. It has inspired me to get my recently retired self moving creatively. Thank You!


    • Love your site. I live in a city that does not have “easy” access to rug hooking shops. Therefore, I recommend you make it easy to understand that 1. your in the USA and 2. WHERE in the USA – especially under classes. #1 because I’ve ordered from canadian sites not really paying attention – and paid extra bank fees and #2 I’ll drive a bit for the right class or even camp – but I need to be realistic. In your site I really can’t figure out location…


  2. Hi Kathryn -thanks for the message. I wish you all the best in your creative journey and in the retirement years ahead- it doesn’t get any better than that! Enjoy and remember, “creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” If it works for you, it’s right! Rules should be broken in order to create new paths. Now go forth and have fun! Sally


  3. Hi Sally, boy oh boy have you been busy. From your newsletter I found that you now have a blog and are on ETSY. Love what I have read here and you can bet that I will be looking for you and your wonderful creations at ETSY.
    Look forward to reading more. Take care!


  4. Hi, I live in Italy and I would like to know if it is possible to buy your wonderful painted boxes. Do you ship also here in Italy? If yes, please tell me he price of the boxes and also shipping costs. I rally like Primitive oval boxes and also the patriotic boxes. Thanks in advance.
    Patrizia Sambugar, Verona, Italy

    Hello Patrizia! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hate to say that I am currently only shipping within the USA. I have had many shipping problems with international shipments, and so I am not doing that any longer. I appreciate that you like my painting – if you happen to know someone in the US who I can ship to, perhaps they could then ship them on to you? Sally


  5. Hi Sally. I used to live in Lorain for about 17 years. Came back to my home state of Virginia in 2001. Have lots of friends and church friends there. Like your website.


  6. Hi Sally, I can’t seem to find your email address to ask this, but I wondered if one can replace Ridgeway Rug Strip cutter Blades. I saw a bit of info about them on your blog, but can’t find any info about the company. Seems they are no longer making them. Do you have any info about the blades? Thanks so much! Missie


    • Hi Missie
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any more info about the Ridgeway cutter other than the instructions here at the blog, which someone else sent to me so I could provide them. If the cutter is similar to the others, like a Rigby or Frasier, then the blades should be interchangeable, if you can find them. Wish I had more info for you . . .


  7. I am interested in copyrignt laws regarding recreating antique rug patterns of rugs designed by women artists before 1930. What info could you share? I have antique paper patterns from my great aunt and my husband’s grandmother. I would like to share the designs with my rug friends and have seen one as a design for sale as “original artist unknown.”


    • Sorry I am so late to reply. I ever saw a notification of your post. Copyright laws expire after 75 years I believe. If the patterns in question belong to your family members who are no longer living, I think you would be fine to share them. If they are still living, just ask their permission to share the designs.


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